Stream Live Video from URL?

I’m very happy with the FireCore aTV Flash upgrade.

I have a very specific question regarding streaming a live concert to my 2nd Gen ATV2.

I want to order this live broadcast:

From the site: 

Fans can tune in on your large screen TVs via HDMI-equipped PCs or Macs, Android devices and iOS platforms (including iPad, iPhone or Apple TV via AirPlay).

I wonder what the best way to stream it would be? Would the browser that comes with aTVFlash be the best way to get high quality audio and video streaming of this broadcast? 

I’d much rather watch it on my big screen TV than my old laptop. It appears that they will give me a URL and a password to access the stream.

The ATV2 is the only Apple device I have.

Thanks in advance for any advice you have.



I posted on a Phish forum and they said it would work if I had another Apple device and used AirPlay. I have access to a 2nd Gen iPod Touch, but I’m leery about the wireless step doing it that way.

Streaming via AirPlay didn’t quite work from the iPod Touch I used. I got audio but no video. I did try the ATV2 browser and that worked. The video was pretty blocky looking though.