Stream from Original (white) AppleTV ?


I have both ATV2 and the original (white) AppleTV.  Both are “wired” into my LAN and I can SFTP to both.

What I would like to be able to do is to stream media from the old AppleTV to the new ATV2 however when I browse for shares in ATV2 it doesn’t seem to see the old AppleTV.

Anyone have any suggestions on the simplest method for achieving this?



The niether the original aTV or aTV2 allow shares to be set. However if you have aTVFlash installed on both you can setup the UPnP connection to the original from the aTV2 if you want to. I have many DVD rips on the aTV external drive to watch but you can’t connect to the iTunes synced music library if that is what your looking for. XBMC will only see the other XBMC libraries. Movies, Music, etc.

ATV1 teaser…



Thank you James, now I understand your “teaser”  comment :wink: I was wondering…  aTV Flash 4.3 Now Available