Stream from Mac over network to ATV?

The messages seem pretty mixed and very confusing. Is anyone able to give a definitive answer regarding AFP Access. I read somewhere that this feature is only available on early models of ATV. Can we clear this up?

Q: If you do not have an early model of ATV are you simply screwed out of AFP Access?

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Q: If the answer is yes, how can you tell if you have an earlier or later model of ATV?

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Q: What other options are there for mounting or connecting to a drive on a network attached Mac?

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Q: If the goal is to stream media from a drive on said network attached Mac, How can this be done?

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Thanks in advance for any and all assistance.



Hi there!
These things have been discussed over and over, but then again, it´s been a while:

  1. If you are obeying the law, yes. :smiley: otherwise, you can look for the proper os.dmg in the web. There is a huge nito threat on awkwardTV and some posts right here, where you can get the md5-hash and some instructions on building the recovery.dmg

I will not go into specifics, but everything is out there and take my word for it: it works!

  1. Make a reset to factory settings and take a look under settings. If it´s 1.0 you can extract the dmg right there. Or (a little more advanced) copy the recovery.dmg from your atv and check the md5.

On second thought, if you have the 1.0 dmg on your atv and made your recovery.dmg and ran smart installer with recovery.dmg in folder documents, nito install log will tell you, you have a valid recovery.dmg. and afp will work, of course. so if it works you have it :smiley: (don´t forget to reboot atv)

  1. smb -> knowledgebase

  2. nito -> network -> set mount point


MD5 (OS.DMG (1.0) = 55b909196952ff72c93aaf3553cf661e (found in this forum, btw) from there you have to make the recovery.dmg (of which os.dmg is the vital part)