stream from mac issue


I have a share on my mac that stream with no issue to my ATV2 using Infuse. I was so pleased with it that I bought Infuse 2 for my iPad. However the same share that works perfectly on my Infuse for ATV gives me a login error each time I try to connect with Infuse 2 for iOS. 

I tried resting the password, recreating the sharing using on the mac, and deleting and recreating the share in Infuse 2 on the iPad.

Note: Infuse for ATV and  Infuse 2 on the iPad work fine when connecting to my AirDisk.


I'm still unable to connect to any share on my mac from my ipad (although infuse on my appleTV does it just fine).

Is anyone else having the same problem?

One difference to note is that Infuse for iOS only supports SMB, whereas Infuse for Apple TV also supports AFP and NFS.

Full details on checking to ensure SMB is enabled on your Mac can be found here.

Hey there, 

I'm trying to get my SMB connection established, but I keep getting the spinning wheel... Any ideas?



Hi James,

I verified that the sharing is SMB.

Any suggestions?

Hello, I get this issue as well. I am sure my login, password and the address are correct.

I actaully can connect from my Apple TV's app just fine with the same login, password just not from any of my iPhones or iPads.

Thanks to the user that pointed out that ATV will support afp and smb and iOS only smb but I have enable smb sharing on my mac and it still only works on my Apple TV.