Stream from iCloud Drive


I’m glad to see you have planned adding support for OneDrive For Business finally. I’m very excited to purchase Infuse when that feature comes to live. Before knowing about this update I was actually looking for alternative solution for cloud streaming and a question came to my mind. despite that my company needs support for OneDrive For Business, it would be great if you add support for iCloud too. yesterday I saw that iCloud sells 2 TB for 7$ per month and that is really fantastic. so adding support for iCloud can make customers think seriously migrating from any other Apps to Infuse. Good luck guys.



Well, what about iCloud?

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Planned for an upcoming version.

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Is iCloud Drive support coming with Apple allowing you to share folders in iOS 13.4?


+1!!! We need this! Is it planned??

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I got an email a few days ago saying they’re looking at adding it in a future update

Gooood!! Holla when it’s ready! Makes only sense to have this implemented asap for the app to be complete.


I was wondering whether there is any movement in the iCloud streaming space? Are there still some technical obstacles in the way or are there some other issues?


I don’t think Apple offers an API for direct streaming from iCloud. Only copying

Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t allow for direct streaming from iCloud. :slightly_frowning_face:

The current version of Infuse will allow you to add folders from iCloud to the library on iOS. However, you will be prompted to download the videos when attempting to play them in Infuse.

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That may be a doable solution for some of my archive content, but is it supported in the tvOS app too?

I’m going to guess no since the tvOS version of Infuse can’t download files to the ATV.

No, unfortunately it’s iOS only.

For more robust cloud drive access I would recommend looking at one of the other cloud providers supported in Infuse.

These currently include: Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, pCloud, Yandex.Disk, and MEGA.

I’m currently using OneDrive, but I’m trying to cut down on storage costs and as I am already paying for 2TB of iCloud Drive which I barely use (it’s part of the family Apple One subscription) I was hoping I could use that.

Is it possible to add the feature to tvOS? I recognise it would need to download first with the current landscape, but I don’t know enough about the inner workings of tvOS to determine whether that would be feasible or not.

The integration on iOS utilizes the Files app.

Apple has not made a Files app available for Apple TV, so there’s no way for Infuse to access these files.

When I upload an MP4 video to iCloud I can stream it from icloud on the web without downloading it first, does this mean it is now possible to incorporate iCloud streaming into infuse?

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Sorry but it’s not possible for Infuse to use iCloud as a source for streaming.

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I have my iCloud Drive currently set up as the location of all my media and it works perfectly when I try and watch anything on my phone. However my library is empty when I come to view it on my Apple TV. Any ideas what could be causing this?

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Currently Infuse doesn’t support playing media from iCloud, it only backs up the textual metadata and settings currently.

If you’re not seeing the same settings on the ATV then you should check to see what apple id is being used for the app store and icloud. they should be the same. on all devices you want to use Infuse on.

It may take the ATV a short period of time to sync all of the settings and share info so you can go to the settings > Library screen and see what the status is.