Stream away from my home with Synology & Plex


Hello everyone i’m a new French user of Infuse Pro, i kwow infuse since some year, sorry for my english.
I have a nas synology with Many movies and i want see it outside from my home with Infuse App on IOS, so i can install plex media server on my nas and add it on infuse, but my question is Does it the Best configuration for watch movie outside my home ? Or webdav on synolgy is the Best way (don’t think so) !? I’ve optical fiber on my home and good connection (4G) on my phone. DS video App can stream outside my home but i prefer to have infuse for Many reasons such as read every files (mkv 4K dts …) and have a unique sync player for everyone on my familly.

Thanks and have a Nice day.
Morgan from France

If the connection is supported by Infuse and accessible externally then it’ll work. Most people use plex integration for this.