Strange problem with Dolby Vision titles

I have observed a strange problem with some of my Dolby Vision titles.

The process I use is:

  1. Create a profile 7 mkv from a Blu-ray iso image (from an original bluray) using MakeMKV (also works creating profile 7 mkv from DVDFab).
  2. Encode to profile 5 mp4 using DVDFab.
  3. Extract profile 5 video track using ffmpeg,
  4. Convert profile 5 video track to profile 8 video track using dovi_tool.
  5. Replace profile 7 mkv video track with converted profile 8 video track using mkvtoolnix.

Now I’ve decided to check out AppleTV again which naturally means using InFuse and I’m finding I have problems with some of my Dolby Vision titles.

The procedure works fine for around 70 - 80 of my Dolby Vision titles but for the remaining 10 - 20 titles my TV doesn’t trigger Dolby Vision for them.

The interesting thing is if I convert the profile 7 from step 1 to profile 8 it works fine and Dolby Vision is triggered on the TV for every faulty title I’ve tried so far.

Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this?


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