Strange Problem in APTV2 4.3 when using iPhoto SlideSlow-Settings



I have did some testing with 3 APTV2 and recognised the following Problem. When Jailbreaking with Seas0nPass 0.78 for the FW 4.3 I have really Problems with the use of the SlideShow within the iPhone-Settings. Randomly it crashed the APTV2 when navigate through the SlideShow-Settings and reboots. I was able to simulate this with 3 different APTV2 with this firmware. Also this Firmware wasn’t able to find the ntp server while its boots for the first time :frowning:


Then I downgrade all these 3 APTV2 with an Jailbreaked Firmware of 4.2.2 and then the problem doesn’t accured. A friend of my the the testing of the Original FW 4.3 and he has no Problem with the reboots while navigate the SlideShow-Settings



I have the same poblem with the SlideShow. After works crashed the Apple TV2





Looking into it…

I have noticed the same issues while in the slideshow setting on the actual apple tv. Same setup and versions for me also. It seems to stop sending signal to the tv but if i press menu to back up a step it will still make the sound. Although its very glitchy and may not make a sound every time. 

Same thing is also happening when I turn on then go into the slideshow. Signal to TV stops while ‘some’ audio works. Song stops but menu sounds seem to semi-work.

Just trying to help :slight_smile:


I am experiencing the same problem with 2 APTV2 and Aperture library. I connect to my MAC and navigate to the Photos Menu. There I can see the different projects that can be chosen. When I set the slide show settings, sometimes the APTV will freeze and I will have to reboot it. When I run a slideshow it does it smoothly until I press Menu (or pause) when it will always freeze having to reboot again

I use this feature of ATV2 a lot (specially after summer holidays when I torture friends and relatives with this year picture) so I will appreciate any help





Is there any news on this topic? I have the same problem…losing signal when going to slideshow settings or playing a slideshow. Is it possible to downgrade to 4.2.2 to solve the problem?


Thanks and greetings


This issue was fixed in Beta7. Ensure all items are up to date through the Maintenance --> Manage Extras menu and the issue should resolve itself.

Thanks, that´s great to hear. I assume i find this setting in your atv-flash menu. I have not yet installed that, i just used season pass…but i will do so now. Thanks a lot.

Greetings from Germany



Yes, running the aTV Flash (black) installer will install the latest version of Maintenance which should resolve the issue you are seeing.