Strange movie artwork shown

Mine is weirder then as all TV is fine its just movies - has Infuse recently changed where it gets the artwork (covers) for movies as they are not getting picked up just a preview of the movie is show (stills from different parts of the movie)


Can you provide an example or two of how these files are named?


They were literally working a while back - trying to remember when it changed accross

Just wondering if I report this as a bug as is that a given now its on here ?


You may check to see if Embedded Metadata has been enabled for a folder or globally. This would prevent Infuse from matching these to titles on TMDB.

More info on the ways this can be done can be found in this guide.

So I have those settings already - I havent changed the settings it was working before so not sure what changes I am making - two images show whats selected and what it shows - its like a preview of the video - is there a setting that I can switch off otherwise it is a bug then.


what it shows instead of the artwork on the second screen

So do you have embedded on or off in the Settings page for Infuse?

It doesn’t look like this artwork is being generated by Infuse.

If you have any of the options for Embedded Metadata enabled, Infuse would look for artwork embedded inside the file.

You may also check to see if there is artwork located near the actual video file, as Infuse can also use this - if present.

Embedded was always off - I switched it on to see if anything happens - nothing - so switched it off again. Let me try a restart as well - sure it wont do anything but not many options left.
Also the only file in each movie folder is the movie itself in mkv format.
Its weird that the tv eps work but movies dont.

First time I have had a problem with infuse since I got it I think it was v2 !

If it’s all movies it sounds like you’ve got your movies folder set to local.

Are all of your movies now showing the same full page of timeline thumbnail screen caps?

Also don’t forget

Folders tagged as local metadata can be untagged, but the cached info will remain until a title is edited manually, or the clear all metadata option in Settings is used.

Check your movie folder by long pressing on the folder and see what it’s set on.

Checked the movie and the whole hard drive its not set to local

All are showing thumbnail screen caps

Did a restart also as its been a couple of weeks

Do you have a directory for just movies?

Embedded can be set for any level in the directory and will affect all files and sub directories in the one set to local.

Like @james said, those are not the type of pics that Infuse will generate.

Could you provide a screen cap of your source directory and the movie sub directories and files?

Maybe I am not coming accross correctly there is a hard drive Z: and in it there is 4 folders at top level
/Movies, /TV, /Music, /Other <---- these havent changed / been ammended since I installed v2.x of Infuse

I havent touched the settings in the years I have used Infuse - everything just worked - nothing is set to use local metadata, that preview screen appears and I dont know from where as I havent changed anything. These preview screens being used as artwork is being generated from somewhere. right… ?

I should have checked if this issue happened when the switch over to TMDB or alike happened.


I wasn’t able to locate any artwork on TMDB that looks like this, so I don’t think it’s coming from there.

This means the image is either embedded inside the video or a local image file stored near the actual video file.

You can check the folder where the video is stored to see if there are any images that look like this near it. I would also check the Embedded Metadata guide linked above to see if any of these options are enabled.

If you would like to upload a sample file you are seeing this issue with, I can take a look to see if it contains any embedded artwork.

Hi OP @deviantuk and @James – I am actually having exact same issue as OP and came looking for help (except I know that the same screen-caps thumbnail poster images ARE with the .mkv’s in the same folder, so I know where it’s getting them from). Here’s what I have done:

  • I confirmed all folders, nested and above, in the ‘Movies’ folder is set to ‘Metadata: Online’ not local.
  • I have ‘cleared metadata’ and wiped it out form settings 4 times.
  • I have turned off and deleted iCloud backups, completely, 3 times.
  • I have ensured, in settings, “Embedded Metadata” is completely off.
  • I have restarted the three test devices: Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad Pro.

My situation remains like OP’s – if the movie had a thumbnail poster alongside of it, it’s pulled no matter what. If it doesn’t/didn’t, it pulls from online. How can I fix – besides going through and deleting the .jpgs from each folder? Why wouldn’t all the nuking above fix this?

Usually people don’t put pic files in the folder with movies unless they are wanting to use that instead of what is gathered from TMDB. About the only way is to remove the jpgs or maybe place them in a folder inside the movie folder so their not at the same directory level.

Fair but I didn’t exactly put them all there myself, they were simply included. Why would that be the only way, I wonder? Plex turned them off with the ‘local’ setting immediately and according to the above support articles linked by @James, it should not be pulling anything local, whatsoever…

When you have a folder (or video file) set to “Local” it will not fetch metadata from TMDB and use metadata that is actually embedded into the video file if available. When it is not marked it will fetch metadata from TMDB and use that UNLESS there are metadata files like pics, xml, or nfo files in the folder with the video then it will use that to override the metadata from TMDB.

I hear you – but like OP, I have had all of this set up for years and it’s remained unchanged – is this “unless” something that a recent update or something has changed? The movies from 4 or 5 years ago that have thumbnails.jpg were never an issue till now, basically.