Strange loading performance on recent iPadOS and iOS builds

Hi, I have been experiencing some very strange loading behaviors using Infuse in the last two months. I tried to find certain actions that could cause such behaviors but I am uncertain whether this issue was caused by Infuse updates or Apple’s iOS and iPadOS 16 beta systems.
First, I experienced significantly low network speed in the middle of the July. In fact, I was using a WiFi that had only up to 16 Mbps bandwidth at the beginning of the July, when I upgraded my iOS and iPadOS 16 beta system to keep them up to date, so I do not know if this was a systemic bug in Apple‘s beta system or in Infuse.
My current WiFi has a maximum 500 Mbps download speed tested on, and other video apps I have been using are able to stream videos at about 300 Mbps in average, but Infuse can only get up to 30 Mbps download speed when loading a video, the cache setting set to auto.
Downloading a video before watching seems to be affected too. Sometimes, the videos were downloaded at about 240 Mbps.
To see whether the download speed was affected by the proxies I used, I changed different proxies located in different regions playing videos and found no obvious changes (like download speed from 200 Kbps to 150 Mbps).
Infuse became normal when I started using the PiP function, and its download speed increased to 200 Mbps. I believe that this has something to do with the problem I described here because the download speed immediately dropped to almost zero like before when I closed the PiP window and started watching videos in the app.
I tried reinstalling the store and beta versions many times and reset my network settings, but nothing happened. MacOS Ventura might not have such issue, after testing for above ten times.

The next version of Infuse (7.4.5) will contain updates for use with iOS 16 and MacOS 13.

Where are your videos located? And how are you connecting to them?

I use OneDrive to store my videos and watch them via Cloud Service option on Infuse.

Great, thank you!