Strange Issue on iPhone and iPad

I am looking to start using Infuse instead of Plex as my player, but still using Plex as my server on my Synology NAS. After my initial testing, everything seems to play fine on my Apple TV 4K and will play on my iPad and iPhone on my home network, however I can’t get content to play well over 4G or on work WiFi. Media takes a long time to start playing and then will buffer after about 10 seconds for 30-40 seconds, then will play again briefly. There aren’t restrictions on work WiFi, I can play the same media in the Plex app with no issues, so I’m quite confused. I can’t see that it’s the conversion since it’ll play on home network, and I can’t see that it’s the network as tested on 4G too and Plex plays fine.

I used to use Handbrake to convert but recently I’ve switched to iFlicks beta using the iTunes preset. Files converted with both of these methods will not play on iPhone or iPad unless on local home network.

Everything seems to sync fine, all artwork comes down and the sync wheel stops, indicating all is done.

Any ideas would be most welcome as the Plex player just doesn’t cut it so really want to use Infuse, but can’t.


My guess would be that when on 4G and using the Plex app you are getting transcoding happening at the server end to cut down the bitrate being sent. InFuse does not (as yet) support server side transcoding with Plex as it always uses direct play. This could explain your symptoms. If it is not this then I have no idea.

Thanks for the suggestion, but if it’s a Transcoding issue, wouldn’t the NAS also struggle if watching locally and why would it also struggle on the office WiFi? That’s why I’m so confused, nothing seems to add up!

Not quite what I am trying to say. I am suggesting that it is possible that the Plex client is realising that the network connection cannot handle the raw bit rate and is requesting transcoding at the server end to bring the bit rate.down to what the network can reliably handle. InFuse does not use transcoding with Plex so can struggle to play higher bit-rate content over network connections that are not up to it.

Yeah, I would agree if it was a 4G or 3G issue only, but I am also getting it on the office WiFi which is around 60Mbps. That’s what has me so baffled. I will test on other WiFi networks (other than my own) and see what happens.

If I’m understanding things right, you can play videos while at home over your home wifi but not from your home to your phone and not from home to the wifi net at work?

I’m guessing the bottleneck is your internet upload speed from home. If that is restricted which many providers do restrict upload speeds that would cause what you’re seeing.

You can check this by going to on a computer at home or by downloading their app from that same site for your phone and testing it while connected to your home wifi.

It is not atypical with ISPs for upload speeds on home broadband links to be 1/10 (or less) of the download speed.

That’s exactly why I don’t even attempt to stream from my home server when away. I’m one of those lucky ones here in the boondocks that gets less than 10% of my DL speeds for upload speed from my ISP. :frowning:

Hi all and thanks for the comments. But I can’t see that it’s a bandwidth issue for a few reasons; all files play fine in Plex play under identical circumstances, I can TeamViewer back to my home Mac and use with no issues, I can access all my CCTV cameras fine and I can remote play my PS4, again with no issues. My home upload speed is around 8Mbps. All the reasons listed suggest that bandwidth shouldn’t be the issue.

This is why I’m so confused, I just can’t see a logical reason/patern.

I am not sure that any of the points you mention make a case for it not being a bandwidth issue. It depends on what the various clients expect, it is quite likely to be quite low for most of them. Plex is a special case as it will request server side transcoding to a lower bit rate if the bit-rate of the media is more than the link can handle.

What is the actual bit-rate of the files you are trying to play with inFuse. If you only have 8 Mbps upload speed the video needs to be a reasonable amount less
(to allow for overheads) than this for inFuse to be able to play it without issues.

Thanks for continuing to assist with this issue, but still don’t get it. The bitrate is only 2959 kbps, that really isn’t high. And why would the file need transcoding, I’ve already made it iPad/iOS/iTunes compatible using iFlicks and the iTunes preset. I thought the whole point of Infuse was that it supported more file types than Plex without the need for transcoding, or am I missing something?

I’m not saying that any of you are wrong, I just don’t get it. I wanted to switch to Infuse to avoid all these issues.

If bandwitdth is the issue, what’s the best format for files so I can play at home on AppleTV 4K, iPad and iPhone?