Strange html file on TSS server? iAcqua not working properly?

Is it just me? There is a strange html file that won’t download on TSS server and iAcqua won’t validate aptickets…


It's giving HTML code on iFaith too.

Sorry, it’s the iFaith TSS server that won’t validate aptickets. It’ll let you download previously saved blobs but if you dump a 5.3 to it it just doesn’t appear.

Most odd.

I’ve been performing all sorts of tricks to make sure I have some backed up signatures…

I don't know if it's a function of our different locations, but I'm seeing confirmation on iFAITH of my saved 5.3 signatures

Well, today I wasn't but at least the html file had gone...

I'm still not seeing my dumped blobs on TSS server.

Anybody else?