Strange file renaming problem after copying files from IOS Ipad pro

Hi all again,

I recently resolved a problem in accessing files from my Itunes folder, they play great. But, for some reason the files names are changed to titles I don’t even have. Is there a way to rename the files in infuse to the correct titles?


Are you connecting via DLNA? If so you may get better results via a SMB share.

Hmm, I am connecting via the standard Apple lighting/ USB from my laptop to my ipad pro.

DLNA and SMB are network protocols used for the transfer of computer files between a client and server on a computer network. If you are running DLNA the server can change the name (and often does)

This is chosen when you set up the share the first time in Infuse.

Is it possible to rename the misnamed files?


You could but the DLNA server would probably just change it again. Any reason you don’t want to change to SMB?

Second question, you are talking about the files changing names on your mac correct? Or is it just in infuse that is showing the wrong movie or tv show name? If it’s just infuse have you tried doing a long press on the movie or tv show name and doing edit metadata?

Another thought, have you read the metadata help file here?

Look for the section “Making manual corrections (iOS)”