Strange event today on JB ATV2 units

Hello all,

I experienced a strange event today that I would like to share.  I have 2 JB ATV2 units (5.0.2 UNtethered) AND 1 ATV3 unit with latest Apple firmware.  After closing 1channel and the XBMC program on ATV2 unit, I noticed the complete lack of the TV Shows tile on the standard Apple splash screen.  All the other tiles moved up one position, so now I have PLEX in the right corner and SETTINGs still on the right top corner.  I went to my other, not-used-today, and low and below, the TV Shows tile (which previews all the iTunes alvailable shows) was ALSO gone from the splash startup. 

Now, I went to my standard ATV3 unit and guess what…the TV Shows tile was in it’s normal place on the top row.  Color me paranoid, but I think Apple has reached into my system to disable, hopefully only temporarily for now, the TV Shows option icon.  Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon today…I noticed it around 3:00 pm EST.


Thank God for saved blobs feature on aTVFlash Black…restored AppleTV Shows icon on startup splash screen (5.0.2 untethered) by rebuilding the firmware again.  All is well, but question remains, why did it disappear in the first place.

I think it was actually a problem on Apple’s end …

Many, many thanks—I thought my atv2’s were heading south really really fast yesterday.