Strange DVD playing problems after 4.1 update

hi everbody,

I have some strange problems after updating on aTV flash 4.1:
My aTV is connected to two different TVs. (of course only one TV works with aTV at the same time)
One TV is connected via hdmi and the other via component.

On the first HDMI-TV I get bad noises when playing DVDs with nitoTV and the video-picture is displaced. (I can only see half of the picture)
When I play DVDs on the second TV with Component and Toslink the sound is 5.1 but the picture is squeezed (on the bottom and top are big black bars)

I made a factory restore, updated to 3.02 and installed atv flash 4.1 again - with no results.
After running Software-Menu also the aTV-Starting-Sound disappeared.

The resolution of the aTV is set to 1080i and changing it to 720p doesnt make any changes.

Thanks everybody for your hints, tips or solutions…

Have you tried setting the AppleTV to 1080p?

Unfortunately both TVs dont support 1080p.

If possible set both TVs to 720p and restart the AppleTV units.

When playing DVDs on a setup that does not support 5.1 sound (E.G. a TV without an AV receiver) the ‘AC3 Passthrough’ option should be disabled through the Maintenance --> Settings menu.