Strange behaviour on Apple TV 4K with Denon x1300

Hi all,

i installed Infuse 5.6, add an smb Share with tv series (mkv). ATV is connect to Denon AVR, which is connected to Samsung TV.
When I start a video (Infuse trial), the Denon is automatically switching to AirPlay (!) and tries to Play the mkv. When I Switch back to ATV Input and restart the video Playback, the Message „An error occured loading this content“ appears. This happens to any video. MrMC is playing all the files via smb share without problems. Never had this AirPlay (autostart) issue before on any device connected to the Denon. Any help is appreciated!
Sound Settings in Infuse are set to „auto “

Infuse does support sending audio to AirPlay devices, and it’s possible this feature may have gotten enabled accidentally.

I would check to ensure the ‘Audio Output’ option in Settings > Video and Audio is set to Apple TV, and not your Denon receiver.

Thanks, Problem solved now!

Great! :smiley: