Strange behavior related to custom artwork

For my favorite sitcom Seinfeld I have custom season artwork assigned to each season (folder. jpg).
That worked great in the past, but not any more.
Recently Infuse tries first to overrule the custom artwork (basically ignoring the existence of folder.jpg), resulting in season artwork retrieved from online databases.
After a while, Infuse starts to acknowledge the existence of folder.jpg and restores custom season covers.
The entire procedure takes quit a while.
Can you investigate?

What version number of Infuse?

Sorry for the very late reply. It should have been always the very latest version (however NOT beta-status), as I update to the latest official release automatically. It happened again a few days ago.

I found the root-cause for it, by testing a bit.
When starting INFUSE, my new DS1618+ gets the “Wake-up call” (WOL). It takes approx. 45 seconds, before the NAS is accessible. Prior that time, INFUSE already starts to update the metadata using online-resources. Post 45 seconds INFUSE becomes aware of local metadata being present and consequently revokes the procedure. I think there is room to optimize this habit ;-).

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One thing to look at if you haven’t already is to put the MAC address in your share settings for the NAS. That sped the WOL evolution for me quite a bit.

MAC is already in. At least for me, WOL only works with MAC included.

One other thought, since it’s the one show, have you tried going to each season and setting it as “Use Local Metadata”?

That may keep Infuse from looking at start up for something other than local metadata artwork.