Storing My DVD files on Computer and Streaming to Apple TV


I am sure this question has been asked before (in fact I have already seen some similar issues being answered but not quite what I need help doing) so I would appreciate it if someone can answer my particular one.

I have a MAC and my iTunes files (movies, music, tv shows) are all stored there centrally and streamed to my Apple TV wirelessly (using an Apple Airport Extreme). I want to be able to make the same hard drive the storage location for copies of my DVDs. How do I get Apple TV to refer to the MAC’s hard drive and stream these DVDs from there? Also, is Sapphire an application that I can use the same way as Apple TV’s “Movies”, “TV Shows”, etc? Assuming I can get NitoTV to see DVDs stored on my MAC’s hard drive, I understand how to bring up DVD movies on it but I prefer what Sapphire seems to do (as I understand)…which is to give each video file the IMDb info, cover art etc. like the rest of Apple TV. So, can I use Sapphire to organize, and view my DVDs or is it for video files (avi and others and not for DVD files with all their menu functions intact)?

You can setup a ‘Share Point’ through nitoTV. Once this is done all applications on the AppleTV (nitoTV, Sapphire, XBMC - whichever you prefer to use) can access the media stored on your computer.

More info on setting up a share point can be seen here:


Did you ever get IMDb data to show up using the DVD VIDEO_TS folder option ? I have set this up and can play the DVD’s but it won’t get any info for the DVD’s