Storing dvds question

Hi all

Luving atv flash 2 . Working great now but ive one question . I see on the main page it says about storing your dvds , does anyone know how to do this


This feature is still under heavy development and will be coming to the beta version soon.

After years of ATV1 with ATV flash, yesterday I've bought ATV 2nd generation; downloaded ATV flash and started "expanding possibilities"...
Now, reading this post I see something I was asking myself:
In the ATV 1, I used Nito TV for the connection of the ATV with 2 external HD containing medias.
Is under development this feature that are you talking about in this post?

And another thing:  I already verified that with XBMC I can see a 2 Tb Nas linket to my home cabled net, with it I can see too HD connected via USB (like Nito)?

Thanks in advance for your kind reply.