Store metadata locally/on a share

As of now; everytime I open a folder filled with files it starts to download metadata for all the files. Would it be possible to make an option where you can store metadata locally or in a specified folder on a share? :frowning:

That would be lovely, makes the interface a lot snappier. 

Still hoping for another scraper setting. (imdb etc)

Have you tried the approach described at

Sorry for the late reply!
Yes, I have set up all my folders in a nice and tidy system and every folder and subfolders contents are specified. I just think, that if I’d be able to store the metadata locally it be that fraction of a second faster, it may not seem as much, but it would make a hole other impression. At least for me. :slight_smile:

There should be a nice speed boost while browsing once the upcoming Library View is finished.

Stores Metadate and other data (setting eg) on network share? Big +1. :slight_smile:

I fully agree.

When I jailbreaked my ATV, I remember that I sent the software to it wirelessly from my laptop. So if we can send files to it:


  1. Make Media Player store metadata, settings etc. on a hard drive on the network OR

  2. Make Media Player store metadata, settings etc. on a USB flash drive or HDD attached to the back of the ATV. In this way, no machine has to be ON on the network and it would make data reading/writing faster. I’m sure that ‘normal’ usb to ‘micro-usb’ connectors exist so this shouldn’t be a problem for hanging a flash drive off the back of the ATV.

I think this would be a very good feature to include.


+1 it makes so much sense, especially since in my country we have caps (bandwidth limits) and when my data/bandwidth runs out then I cannot access the internet to download information and poster art.


I too would LOVE this feature.

Currently, the Library feature is pretty neat, but sometimes uploaded folders to a NAS that contain ‘messy’ filenames can cause ATV to freeze up as it updates the file names and gathers metadata.
I would propose that the following occur:

  1. You wake the aTV from sleep. If X amount of time passes since last Library scan, it shows the ‘Scanning Library for Changes…’ box somewhere on the edge of the screen.

  2. The scanner-daemon/process calculates the number of files/folders as well as any the Date Created / Last Modified info on the file name (like Time Machine dum dum dum)

2a) If a ‘First-Run’ is performed on a share, a folder .atvmetadata would be created, thus hidden from Finder and Explorer view. In this folder, all meta-data (artwork, descriptions etc…) would be stored.

2b) If it is not a ‘First-Run’, then look at the folders or files that have changed as well as the file/folder count and then scan for changes once more.


The .atvmetadata folder could contain all XML / Artwork files in one go OR reflect the folder structure of the share and allow the XML metadata / Artwork files to be ‘matched up’ to their video file counterparts hierarchy.



has anyone been able to work out how to store the metadadata on a share.

My issue is that my ATV2 has been filled up twice and i believe it is caused by too much Metadata.

My NAS has circa 2200 movies and circa 2500 TV Shows.

I have got round the isse by de-installing some apps that i had on like weather.

I now only have Maintenance and Infuse but I wonder how long it will take to fill up again.

I am also so close that I kjeep having to SSH into the ATV2 and delete the cache library to get it to function again.

I am thinking we should be able to mount a share over the Metadata directory but I am not sure how to do this.

A good starting help would be if someone can tell me where all the metadata and cover art are located in the file system.


Steve Kurlin









Also storing the Viewed info on a local share, even in same folder as the videos would be great. as when you remove power from apple tv on mine all this info is lost.