Storage location subtitles

Does anyone know where Infuse is storing downloaded subtitles? (infuse for iMac)

And… is Infuse looking for subs only at opensubtitles ?

Ok… i see that they are stored in iCloud sync these days.

But still, is there a way to get them from there?

First, yes opensubtitles is currently the only source Infuse directly downloads from. You can add your own externals from where ever you like.

As to where they’re stored on Mac it’s not in an accessible format from what I’ve seen.

Gotta ask, is that your dog? :smiley:

I have added subtitles when using plex via the upload option, how is it done with Infuse?

Yes, that is our dog…. Belgium Shepard. (Malinois) Her father is NORTON, which is a police dog in the USA. Sold from the Netherlands to the US 2 years ago.
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I know how it’s done, just don’t know how to explain.
Will do that tonight when I am at home with infuse in front of me.

I hope you can wait till then :blush:

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