Storage Expansion with Charging Option for iPad


Maybe someone else had already the same situation: I want to use my iPad 32GB for Long Distance Travel to watch Movies offline via Infuse.

But 32GB is not that much. I saw that it should be possible to store moives on an memory extension, but I havent found any which is supporting also charging of an iPad while using the memory extension.

Any Tips?


If you have a usb-c buy the hdmi out dongle that also includes a usb-c and usb-a port.

unfortunatley not.

Its a normal iPad 10 (2021) with Lightning.

There might be some sort of weird dongle or dock out there but if not then you’re either charging or using storage.

This isn’t a combo we’ve tested, but you could try this Belkin adapter coupled with a SanDisk iXpand Drive.

I checked on Amazon and unfortunatley only Headset supported…

I am thinking of a Wirless HDD as an alternative.

This might also work.

Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter

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@JarvisMeier, many thanks. Got today the adapter and its really working!!!

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