Stopping the fetching of Data

My library will rarely change and I got it so its good now.

When load my library, it takes FOREVER to populate all the poster art.

I know I can make local nfo files for each movie, but that would take so long

Is there a way I can set Infuse to just you the date from the last sessions and stop reaching to update metadat aeach time?

Can you describe what you are seeing when fetching?

Infuse will look for new files when updating and will not need to rescan info for files that were previously scanned.

The spinner may appear to be working on the Home Screen when starting the app, but you can browse and play videos normally while this is happening.

The progress circle spins for a very long time. Probably a few minutes. . Eventually the movies come up and they start populating one by one and takes forever. I have metada data fetching turned off

Playing visdeos is slow. Some vdeios time out and I have to cancel and start over and hit play and they play

Between the slow load into times and the inconsistent playmon the first Time me, it gets frustrating

I apologize if I missed it but I just want to make sure I understand a few things.

First this is on the Apple TV 4K correct?

Next, when you say “progress circle” are you talking about the one that is fairly big and appears in the center of the screen occasionally or are you talking about the little circle at the top right of the home screen?

Lastly, just to verify, you’re using a NAS and FTP still? A question on the NAS, is it set to hibernate the drives after a period of time?

Thank you for trying to help

It is the same on my iPad and ATV 4k.

It’s a larger progress circle in the center

I do not have any hibernation setting turned on with my synology

I am using FTP. I can play movies quickly and without issues on load up with VLC which seems to indicate it’s not the NAS