Stopped working

For some reason I think maybe after last update my Infuse 5 doesn’t work anymore. When I goto the setting and look at Available Shares it just sits there showing a pinwheel icon spinning. My shares worked a few days ago and streamed with no issues. Now it completely doesn’t find anything on the network!

Are your files residing on a NAS? If so, did you try rebooting it? Also if you are on a (Synology) NAS, did you check this: An error occurred loading this content ?

It’s a FreeNAS server with 80TB storage. I had it running before for over 90 days without a reboot and never had issues. I just rebooted it and now it works. Wonder what the issue was. Shouldn’t need to reboot all the time heh.

Glad it works. Similar experience here but with a Synology NAS.