Stop watched status from resetting?

Is there any way to stop a film that has been watched once from re-appearing in the unwatched section if it is started and stopped again half way through?

Normally this wouldn’t be an issue, but my kids have a tendency to rewatch sections of tens of movies a day and stop them when they’re bored, which results in movies previously marked as watched ending up back on the unwatched list, which makes filtering through genuinely unwatched movies very difficult.

Would be great if there was an option to enable the watched/unwatched status from only having effect the first time a movie/TV is watched and once marked as watched, no matter how many times it is started or stopped it no longer appears on the unwatched list unless the option is disabled again.



Currently there isn’t a way to lock the watch status once watched but I’ll move this to the Suggestions forum to see if others would also like this. :smile:

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Thanks Bullseye.