Stop the complaining! Infuse is a bargain.

This software is so cheap and works so well. It is truly a bargain at the annual sub fee. The complainers are so cheap – come on, it’s well under $1 per month. The thinking that you should be entitled to endless free upgrades is just absurd. That’s the type of thinking that hurts ongoing development of full featured, quality apps.

Yep, great app, fair price. But… thanks for the 30% deal!

I cannot think of any piece of s/w which brings as much joy at the unbelievable price of about $1/mo. I am not even going to request the discount. These folks work hard and have earned it.

I am very satisfied with Infuse 4 & 5 and I think it quite reasonable to start charging a small $7 (now $5) annual fee to use the app, since they keep adding new features. A great app and I get to use it on my iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, all included in the one subscription. Thank you Firecore.

Endless? I bought it in July and have had it for only 4 months. In that time, we got a single update (which was mainly cosmetic and didn’t fix the current issues like stuttering) before the developer abandoned the app. I don’t think me or anyone else is out of line in expecting to get 12 months of updates for an app we’ve bought.

Definitely unfortunate timing for your purchase. I agree that the first year of the new subscription arrangement should probably be free for those who recently purchased the previous version. If you like the software, then the developers would continue to get revenue in the future from you after the year is up. Seems like they should offer that – if not a full additional year, at least enough months to give you a year of updates through the time of your original purchase.

We would have liked to put together some kind of free first year offer, but sadly it just wasn’t possible with the tools Apple currently provides. On the plus side, anyone who subscribes before December 11th can lock in a permanent 30% discount. :wink:

Do you mean a permanent subscription rate of $4.99 a year or will the annual rate go up and we’ll get 30% off what ever that is?

It will be a fixed price, and will not increase.

At first, i was also surprised and and disappointed by the pricing model change for Infuse 5. It was unexpected and poorly justified.
But in the end, i think the new model is much more fair to the developers who are constantly improving the software.

The reaction and whining on this forum are truly unparalleled and in no way justified. Especially not after the newly introduced discount!

Some of the complaints are fair enough, many others are just ridiculous. It’s not confined to the forum. Australian AppStore review by some Dscox75 was “30% isn’t enough”. Entitled much? We stand apart on that view. 30% is amazing AND subscription even honoured for lifetime. I want to subscribe if they assure me they’ll fix the family sharing trakt issue.

Think about it too, another benefit to users is that subscriptions actually put them under more work pressure to keep convincing users to stay subscribed. It’s all about perspective. So many reasons this is a good thing.