Stop metadata for real

Is there anyway to actually stop infuse from loading metadata from a file share? I’ve gone into settings and toggled the switch, but it doesn’t do anything. Every time I open a directory, infuse is scanning all subdirectories, loading thumbnails, etc. how can I stop this? I just want to browse a folder and click on file to play. I don’t want it to load any data except for file and folder names.

I used to use my Gen 1 Apple TV in a camper because it allowed me to fill up the hard drive, disconnect and take it with me. The newer versions of iTunes no longer allow me to store music and movies on the AppleTV, it only allows me to stream. If I use your product can I:

You can get a bare bones file list view by browsing the share through the ‘add files’ screen which is available by tapping the + icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Local content is not supported on the ATV2. Sorry.