Stop immediate playback when going back into the app

What I really don’t like about Infuse is that it auto-plays whatever was paused right before exiting the app when going back into the app (note: not relaunching). It’s one thing if I exited the app while a video was playing, but an explicit pause action should result in playback to still be paused when returning into the app and should need explicit play action to resume.

This is something we’re currently looking to improve.

In essence, if you leave Infuse with the video paused, the video will remain paused when re-opening the app. If you exit Infuse without passing, it will re-open and immediately start playing.

That’s exactly what I want! What makes it currently worse is that sometimes I have wifi turned off and the unavoidable modal pop-up to turn it on appears with the video resuming playback behind it.

Looks like you guys fixed this in 5.2, so both thumbs way up from me for that!

Great! Glad to hear it’s working as expected. :slight_smile:

My celebrations were premature: when the video is full screen but paused, tapping the PiP button causes the video to shrink but playback to resume. Likewise, when in PiP mode and out of the app and with video paused, tapping the PiP button causes playback to resume as it returns to full screen. Both of those behaviour types are undesired.

We’ll take a look. Thanks!

One more thing: if you have WiFi disabled and pause playback, when tapping back into the app, the “turn on wifi to access data blah blah blah” pop-up shows up and playback resumes automatically, overriding the feature you put in to stay paused if explicitly paused before leaving the app. Given this and PiP bug, I gotta ask: how much testing did you guys do before shipping?