Stop asking, no one is working on ATV3 jailbreak..</EOM>


that’s really kind of known being that all of a sudden xbmc is trying to get established on android platform after all of these years.


can’t wait to try it out on the ouya game console when it comes out. got my order/reward in all I have to do is wait now

Worth a read.

Was just going to post this.


My first thought.  oh no. hide for cover on the number of new threads… “is the aTV3 jailbreakable yet?”  “i bought an ATV3 just for Flash, i want my money back”

As soon as the ATV3 is jailbroken then we will get the flash.And it cannot be flashed until the jailbreak is released.Hurry up and wait :wink:

Confirmed: Apple TV 3 jailbreak is in the works