Stoner Cats (2021) not findable

Stoner Cats (2021) was misidentified & when I tried to edit the metadata via Infuse, it doesn’t even find it when I search for it by name. Actually I says nothing exists by that name. I thought maybe it isn’t on TheMovieDB site but it is → Stoner Cats (TV Series 2021- ) — The Movie Database (TMDB)

Any ideas why that is and how to fix it?

Maybe it’s classified as adult themed and thus ignored by infuse. :man_shrugging:t3:

I wasn’t aware Infuse is engaging in any censoring. I thought the parental controls exist for that but not that Firecore is treating us users as children. I hope @munpip214 that you are wrong.

If you want metadata for adult content, you have to provide it in local nfo files.
This restriction is to avoid Apple’s policies in the App Store as mentioned by James here New lifetime member with metadata issues - #4 by james

It doesn’t look like this series is actually tagged as adult, so Infuse should be able to display info for it.

I would check to ensure you are using one of the supported naming styles for TV shows.

The file name is: Stoner.Cats.2021.S01.mkv

It’s one file for the whole season. I think it follows the naming convention or am I missing something?


“Stoner Cat 2021 S01E01.mkv”

You need the episode number for it to fetch the correct info I believe.


There are 3 episodes to the first season so you’ll need S01E01, S01E02, and S01E03 to get the correct metadata.

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If you have just a single file for all 3 episodes you can name it to match episode 1, and Infuse would categorize it correctly. The only quirk is you would not have episode descriptions for episode 2 or 3.

Alternatively, you could look at splitting the file into 3 separate videos.

Besides me knowing what episodes are included in a file when making the range S01E01-03, does Infuse push to take that all three episodes have been watched when I mark it as viewed?

No, infuse doesn’t know that the file is 3 episodes and is only marking the first

As @munpip214 said, no Infuse doesn’t know there are 3 episodes in that one file.

There is a currently running suggestion that is requesting the ability to have multiple episodes in one file and to have Infuse see them as seperate episodes. You can add your support and track it here.

Don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in that thread to show your support for that suggestion! :wink:

If you name this episode as I suggested above, you would see a single episode with a runtime of ~30 min. Progress would be tracked while viewing, and you could resume the video until it is fully watched.

If you are syncing with something like Trakt and want to ensure the progress is shown correctly there, then there are workarounds for showing 3 episodes in Infuse.

  1. Split the file Into 3 parts, and name them appropriately for each episode.
  2. Duplicate the file and name each appropriately for episodes 1, 2, and 3 (can use mark as watched feature to track progress, if needed)
  3. Create dummy files for episodes 2 and 3 (EG create and save an empty text file and rename with the appropriate episode file name with video extension). This will not be a playable item in Infuse, but would act as a placeholder which will appear in the menus and can be marked as watched for Infuse and Trakt purposes.

Thank you @james but it’s not worth the effort going through all my files to split those that are merged. I do hope Infuse will support it in the future.