Stingray 1964

Hi Team

I’ve got an old tv show - Stingray (the 1964 Marionettes) that is visible in the TVDB database but does not appear in the Infuse app when I search for the meta data. I’ve labeled the folder and files as Stingray (1964) and made sure the episodes are labelled correctly (using Filebot)

Regardless of what I try, it just wont tag this program.

Any ideas?

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Have you tried “Stingray S01E01.ext”? You may have to do an edit metadata but you’d only have to do it on one episode and it should carry over to all.

Can you provide a sample of how you have the files named?


I had the files named Stingray (1964) - 01 - Stingray (the Pilot) (as an example for the 1st one
I might try as you suggested with the S1E01

The way you have it named Infuse will most likely try to match it to a movie since it doesn’t have the S01E01 format to guide it. Give it a shot without the year or even try Stingray 1964 S01E01.ext and let us know. Don’t forget to try a metadata edit even if it doesn’t find it right off.

Just did a quick test and with the file name “Stingray 1964 S01E02.mkv” it pulled the correct metadata and artwork without a hitch. Didn’t even have to do an edit. If you use the series name “Stingray 1964” for the series folder everything works great.

Yes - that worked a treat. Thank you

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