Still unable to connect my ATV since upgraded to Lion !

I am getting angry about the fact that it is been more than a month ago since I have upgraded to Lion, and I am still not able to mount my shared folders using SMB.  Is there soon solution for this problem ?


Please awnser it ASAP

Any reply would be appreciated. Even “we have no idea how to fix this” is better than a one-month-long silence.


This is really making me angry! I’ve had to move my external hard drive from my mac to my wireless router, and that caused all sorts of other issues and problems. Now i’m just frustrated and ■■■■■■ off! 

To those of you who “work” at Firecore reading this, i know i speak for many of your customers when i say that we wan’t some sort of statement on progress with this issue. And we want it now, this silence is ■■■■■■■■.  You should be giving out free licences for aTV Flash (and Black) to those of us affected. 

the last time we publicly heard anything from you was when ‘James’ posted this on July 29th!?!

We should have more details available soon.



I’ve been dealing with this since the day Lion was released, Not happy! 

I’ve had a personal response from fire core via their Facebook page last week but no news. they are still working on it apparently


Sorry for the delay. We’re actively working to solve this problem and we’ve been looking over a few options (both AFP and SMB) to get Lion compatible streaming back on track.

Hopefully we should have some type of ETA within the next week.

Thanks… I would appreciate a reply on this thread when it will be ready !


We’ll be sure to let you know - don’t worry.  :wink: