Still seeing this metadata issue

Guess this is a known issue, but I tried clearing cache and refreshing individual movies and got nothin. Also just updated to 6.4.2 and that didn’t fix it either. Also tried deleting and re-adding my plex server. I’m on an Apple TV 4K. Anyone still having this issue?

You are getting no metadata at all for some movies? Can you provide an example of a movie file name that you are having issues with?

Correct, no metadata for any movies. No posters, synopses, cast lists, nothing like that. Just seeing a thumbnail image from the movie in addition to the file info (resolution, runtime, release year, etc).

Plex is also aware of this issue and recommended switching metadata agents to, which I did, and it still didn’t fix it.

Something else that might be worth noting is that the Plex web UI shows all the metadata correctly, but if I use Infuse or even the tvOS/iOS Plex apps, the metadata is missing.