Still problems with playing TS_folders

Many of my movies are not working in your media player. But they all work fine in XBMC on Apple Tv 2.

Also many of the movies the sound is out of sync. But they all work in XBMC

I have ripd all my dvds using Anydvd and Dvd shrink. Every TS_Folder contains several Vob files.

As I said all works fine in XBMC, but y don’t wart to use XBMC, I want to use your media player.


I reinstalled everything today 7 oktober 2010  

I used latest seasonpass to jailbreak

Installed latest media player and maintaing

All is up to date

Apple TV software is 4.3(2557)

Diagnostig serial is: DCYFKUV4DDR5


Please fix this!

Best regards


I went to play a file today and had exactly the same problem as this.

The speech is a few secounds out of the picture.

Any ideas?

Any ideas on this guys? I dont see the point in having a media player that doesnt play media where the sound and picture are not in sync.

We’re looking into this issue and hope to have a fix soon. Hang in there.

Thanks James. Look forward to it.