Still problem with the file/folder browsing

I still have the same problem with the file/folder browsing with movies.


I have the structure like this

\Harry Potter

\Harry Potter\Harry Potter 1\movie.vob

\Harry Potter\Harry Potter 2\movie.vob

\Harry Potter\Harry Potter 3\movie.vob

The movies is placed in one folder called Harry Potter, because there is more than one movie with that name.

Then I have other movies with only one movie with the name like



The problem is, that the Harry Potter I shown above the Aladin because there is subfolders. It should always be A before B, regarding if there is subfolders in the first folder or not.


If I use the new library View all the Harry Potter movies is shown on the screen and this gives me many movies at the screen.


Is it somthing that will be fixed?


James - any comment on this?

This is actually done by design. Directories will always appear above movies.

It seems to work well in most cases, but we may look at adjusting how this works in a future version.


I understand this, but if you can make it only in movie directory, that the directories not appears movies would be nicw.


That is the only issue I have with this great software. 

Hi James


This isn’t been fixed in this version.

It would be nice if it was possible to choose this.

Is it coming in one of the next versions?