Still possible to upgrade now ?

Hi everyone…

Is it still possible to upgrade to 5.0.2
come from 4.4.4 jb, need xbmc player,
Or did i just wait for the xbmc supports 5.1 ?

If you right-click the “Create IPSW” button you are given the chance to select the version of firmware to install.  You will find that 5.0.2 is on that list.

Having said that, you may prefer to wait until XBMC has been made compatible with the 5.2 firmware to avoid any short-term issues.   If you want an ETA on this then I suggest asking in the XBMC forums as you are more likely to get an authorative answer there.

Thanks… Just upgrade to 5.0.2

But why the firecore logo disap, when i install
Nitotv and xbmc from iPhone ??