still no AVI on 4.0.3??

not sure if its only me, but whenever i try to play a DIVX file (which is supposed to be fixed now in 4.0.3) i get a screen asking me to update for PRO for 9.99… so unless i upgrade i cant play my files??

I suspect that your divx files have an AC3 soundtrack which requires licensed software (FireCore have to pay a license fee) which is therefore only available in the paid for Pro version … Hence the prompt to upgrade to the Pro version in order to play the file.

they use to work on the other version

Some formats require Pro.

No way around that. Sorry. :frowning:

The $9.99 price tag for the Pro version is worth it. Infuse is a great app with a solid support staff that engages with their users, offering regular updates and new features based on community feedback. The price tag is definitely justified.

Agreed! After paying a $150 for the hardware, I think paying a mere $10 for the software that makes it work is more than reasonable.

I even went out and got a 2nd ATV4. I am a double cord cutter, use my iPhone for everything, see no reason to pay 2 phone bills. And I haven’t had cable for almost 5 years. I am so glad for this app, no longer depending on iTunes, or having to have my computer on, for plex or any other 3rd party app. Good job infuse team!