(still) metadata fetching problems and no sync of corrections


I’m using Infuse Pro 5.9.5 on two Apple TV 4k and one iPad,
icloud sync is active on all devices and the same trakt.tv account is logged in on all devices, using embedded metadata is disabled.
My video files are on a Qnap NAS and I’m using SMB share with infuse.

Yesterday I setup a new iPad and installed Infuse Pro on it.
After adding my SMB share to Infuse, I waited for infuse to finish with adding the videos and fetching the metadata.

What is annoying about the metadata fetching is, that it always fetches the same some movies wrong, although I have manually corrected these movies on my other three devices.
These manual corrections are not synced to the new device and the same movies I have corrected three times, on the three other devices before, are again fetched wrong.

How are those manual corrections stored and synced?

Example 1:

I have the following two files:
Die glorreichen Sieben (1960).mkv (Die glorreichen Sieben (1960) — The Movie Database (TMDb))
Die glorreichen Sieben (2016).mkv (Die glorreichen Sieben (2016) — The Movie Database (TMDb))

The second one is the remake of the first on, but both are allways fetched as the version from 1960.

Example 2:
Filename: Tricks (2003).mkv (Tricks (2003) — The Movie Database (TMDb))
Is always fetched as this movie: Große Tricks und kleine Fische (2003) — The Movie Database (TMDb)
because in the german title the word “tricks” appears and the release year is the same.

And I have some more.

Sorry for the trouble.

The upcoming Infuse 6 release will include an all-new iCloud implementation, which should help avoid issues like this from appearing in then future.


On Infuse 5 I frequently matched and rematched things, to the point I personally considered the correction sync feature not actually working. Infuse 6 (in beta) has made huge changes to its core, and this issue you’re having will almost certainly disappear.

Infuse 6 is out, which handles syncing of changes like these much, much more reliably.

I really would like to switch over to Infuse 6 BUT…

I don’t want to buy the Infuse 6 Pro App, I would like to get the life time subscription.
But familysharing with subscriptions is implemented over one trakt.tv account, that all members in the fmailysharing group have to use.
Its a really good and fair idea to realise a familysharing for a subscription, as apple don’t! But this is really a poor implementation.
I don’t want my wife and kids to mark movies as watched, which I don’t have watched, and vica versa.
As I allready wrote in other posts, implement two trakt accounts, one for the familysharing and one for scrobbling, than I go to Version 6.


I reported this problem a while ago in this post: (still) metadata fetching problems and no sync of corrections

But I don’t see any progress with this in Version 6.

The naming of my files corresponds to the Metadata 101, but the fetching still doesn’t work for movies with the same title but different release years, as described in my other post.
Infuse 6 is still fetching the same wrong movies as Version 5 did. The examples in my other post do the same wrong fetching in Version 6.0.3.

Are you not correcting the faulty matches? The fact that Infuse does not 100% pair your files on the first run with their metadata would be a different issue. After you make the corrections on v6+ are they not persisting?

Yes I do.
I have done this in Version 4 and in Version 5. And for each Version on every device I use Infuse on. This took me hours, because those corrections where not synced across devices.
This sync is now working in Version 6, but again it took me a lot of time to correct everything manually.
I thought, the makers of Infuse are interessted in improving their software.

Imagine somebody with a very large movie collection, using Infuse for the first time. Don’t you think it is a frustating experience, if you follow the naming guides for the files, but the app does not work as expected.

The advice in the metadata 101 is, to add the release year to the filenames, because this would improve the fetching process. However this is not working. If you have movies with the same name and different release years, Infuse will always pick the first search result that the TMDB search delivers. And it seems, the year is not used for that search.

Sorry for the trouble.

Adding the year will generally improve matching as it can help differentiate between releases, but Infuse still relies on the results provided by TMDb (and usually these are pretty accurate). If you like, you can test this on your end via the TMDb site by adding y:1960 to your search (Die glorreichen Sieben y:1960)

In this particular case, it seems TMDb is listing the 1960 version first, even when adding the 2016 year.



On the bright side, the new iCloud integration in Infuse 6 is much more reliable, and any corrections you make will be saved forever in iCloud so you’ll only need to do it once.

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