Still having cover problems

Basically lots of my folder poster are being ignored and using TMDB or TVDB ones.
Fawlty Towers series folder, withing this I have a series 1 and 2 folders and a jpeg for the main folder titled folder.jpeg, this is being ignored.

This has been happening (together with other things) on the previous and latest versions.
TBH it started when I was advised to empty the cache which together with rebooting and deleting and reinstalling the app is still the same.

Any Ideas??


Just to try and gather enough info, could you specify what versions you’re referring to? Since Infuse releases versions often and there has been an update in the last couple of days that may help determine what’s going on. :slight_smile:

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Started on version 6.3.4 and every version after.
My folder poster is being replaced.

Could you also provide the version number you are currently using?

ATM I’m using v6.4.1,

and now using 13.4.5

Sorry for the trouble.

Using folder.jpg images was never officially supported for TV shows, but we’ve found a number of people we’re using these.

We are planning to restore this functionality in the next update


I have just posted a separate topic but seems to be similar to this -except in my case I fuse now will not launch.

The folder.jpg functionality was in your help guidelines at some point - that was no doubt why people did this. I do.

Anyway, good to hear it is coming back. That will solve one of my problems, once I can work out why Infuse will not start at all now.

I have been user for years. Never had to battle with Infuse like this before. Hope I am not about to lose a ton of metadata.



Thanks James, hope it does come back.

Just to update. Had support message overnight from the Infuse team, and with 6.4.2 update just released, everything is back in order again.

You guys rock



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Not for me it isn’t

6.4.2 was a quick fix to resolve Infuse crashing while trying to open:

A number of improvements in this area have been added in the 6.4.3 update which is available today.

Notably, Infuse will now be able to utilize folder.jpg images for TV show folders.

Thanks for your patience.

Cheers James, all seems fine so far but will check fully later :+1:

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Thanks, James. Terrific response


I noticed that the vertical portrait thumbnails often use just images from the content itself whereas the movie works correctly in full screen details. Any ideas?

This may be related to the issue described in this thread.

I don’t think that’s the case. It’s movies that have proper landscape artwork but not portrait. If I edit it still remains the bad portrait thumbnail.

Can you provide a few examples you are having issues with?

Do these titles have artwork when searching on TMDb?