Still facing stuttering issue when I “Forward Skip” or “Backward Skip”

I had previously reported the issue but it is still not fixed.
Whenever I “Forward Skip” or “Backward Skip” any dolbyvision or HDR movie, it stutters heavily and keeps stuttering until I go back to the menu of Movie and resume it on my Apple TV 2nd gen.
The content is played via Google Drive and I have 200mbps connection.

facing issue on the latest infuse version with latest tvOS version.

Here’s the new video of the Stuttering issue caused as per the aforementioned steps.

I request you to please check the issue and resolve it.
This issue only happens whenever I do “Forward Skip” or “Backward Skip” else the video plays without any issue.

I request you to Please check the issue sir @james.
here’s my diagnostic code - RJVAX
and I have pmed you the video file.

Very similar to my problem.

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Sir, is your issue solved?
I am not getting any replies by any support here, on this issue and this issue has been there for like two months or so?

No, my problem is not solved. James hasn’t given any answers yet. And, my topic has not moved to the decision stage.

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thanks for the reply, I hope he replies us with the solution or with any progress info soon.