Still big issues due to tvdb outage :(

GOT, All seasons the same cover
X-Files, All seasons the same cover
Black Sails,
The Last Ship,
Hawaii five0, strange extra old episode listed

and more others.

Stil got problems too with artworks on TV Shows

It seems that Infuse is picking the oldest artwork … For example, for This is us season 3 it picks season 1, For Chicago Fire season 8 it picks season 1 … etc …
In fact all my shows have the oldest artwork displayed …

And for example still not getting the wide banners for some popular shows (picture joined)

A million little things still gets the spanish artwork.

This tvdb update is a real disaster !


I also still have issues with TV shows.
When i try to manually edit the metadata of my TV shows, search results only provide movie titles, no shows…

The pacific: only showing movie names with pacific in it
Death Note: only showing movies
The Walking Dead : only showing movies

That may be due to how you have the file named. If you have a year right after the series name before the season and episode numbers it may not think it’s a tv show and will only search themoviedb. Could you provide a sample of how you have each of those series files named?

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Those series were missing the season (S0x) part in the filename. I renamed them and they show up properly now.
So i guess when the naming convention SxxExx is not found you can only search the movie db?
Thanks for your help!

Added 2 new files to my library this morning (Chicago PD S07E08 and A Million Little Things S02E08) :
• No Wide banner (it stars blank with the dots) on recently added section of infuse
• No Banners on the home screen of the Apple TV
• Old seasons artwork

Please update on that issue !

Almost every new episode added still has to be manually edited as of today. And the naming is the same as it was way before this all started.

Yep, it’s really problematic …
But for me, even if i edit de metadata manually, it still doesn’t provide de wide banners and I still keep the old artworks and not the one for the ongoing season.
Conclusion, it’s far from being over !

On my TV Shows when I try to ‘edit metadata’ I always get a Nothing Found error 100% of the time. Almost like it’s not even trying to search the tvdb anymore. Any ideas?

Also, on some random TV Shows which previously had artwork it’s suddenly chosen a completely random poster to display. Which is both weird and annoying. So on about 3 TV Shows I now have the poster for Ren & Stimpy. Nothing against Ren & Stimpy like, but I don’t want that for the cover of another TV show! Again, any ideas?

The search has been working flawlessly for me the last day or two. How do you have your files named?

The missing artwork is still plaguing me too though.

Do you by any chance have Use Embedded Metadata" enabled?

@NCBullseye - Let’s agree that I’ve been doing this for long enough qthat I can assure you that my filnames are fine. These exact shows worked before the outage. It’s just simply like my Infuse atv app is refusing to connect to the tvdb. Even Shows that have art already for me, if I try to edit metadata on those it says Nothing Found.

I tried it from my iPhone X and it works fine from that. Including the files that are playing up on my atv.

I could delete the current metadata but I’m worried it will cause chaos for other shows if I do that.

Sorry I tried to help. Was just trying to determine if the new thetvdb api server may have different requirements.

Is it not possible to select for users like me a different api? Like from imdb?

@NCBullseye - Totally appreciate your help, mate. But I’m still none the wiser. If I use the app on my phone and update the metadata, and then start up the atv it fixes the issue of the wrong artwork. However I still cannot edit the metadata from the atv app. I just constantly get the Nothing Found message. I’m puzzled.

I’ll wait until the tvdb is confirmed 100% fine and I’ll just delete the app and metadata and start again.

I’ve been have the ‘Not Found’ issue on my ATV today when attempting to edit metadata … reboot of ATV solved the problem for me.

That’s the only thing I didn’t think to try slaps forehead

I try to look forward to find some infos for the guys at Infuse and I found that Infuse do not take (or has difficulties to take) the poster for a season.

For example, for Chicago fire Season 8 or Young Sheldon Season 3 it doesn’t take the specific poster that you can find on the TVDB for the specific season, and it takes the first ever uploaded file for the show.

I Guess it’s the same for the wide banners that infuse doesn’t take anymore for most of the shows (that weren’t cache before all that).

Hope we can see some improvement during the week.

Infuse won’t recognize the show Jeopardy! for me since the TVdb outage. When I select it in edit metadata it just looks like it’s working in it for a few minutes, then does nothing. I had gotten it working prior to the outage…

Still having big issues with shows entirely not able to receive metadata. E.g. „Euphoria“ (2019) is not being detected automatically and manual search delivers no results. Is this an issue which is currently worked on?