Still big issues due to tvdb outage :(

I just wanted to ask if you guys are still having issues following the tvdb outage.

Most of my TV shows are now “gone” since yesterday, as in they do not appear on the lists at all. They have been merged with other shows.

For example, Game of Thrones is now inside The Walking Dead. Season 1 has all the episodes from both shows’ 1st season, etc.
Sure I love both shows, but never expected them to happily marry.

Same with 9 other shows.


Welcome to the forum!

When TheTVDb started to come back online yesterday, it was returning incorrect info for a period of time. This could lead to issues like the ones you are seeing.

To resolve this, you can use the Edit option on the affected episodes and Infuse will be able to refresh the metadata and pull down the correct info. You should only need to do this for a single file in each series.

Thank you for the quick reply, and thanks for this great app. I’m glad I purchased PRO.

I tried to do what you suggested, yet it says it finds no matches. Tried it on several episodes of different shows too. Same result. It displays the filename of the episode I try to edit, then I input a query and get no results

Hmm…can you try force-closing the Infuse app, and try the search again?

You were right, this worked. BUT new issues arose. Have a look:

  1. Blank folders with not so helpful names. For example, the folder 14GKW0~W is actually 13 Reasons Why when I open it, containing the episodes with the poster, synopsis, all details, etc. i tried refreshing the metadata but nothing works.

  2. The second blank folder is The 100. When I open it, I only see the episode filenames. No posters, no synopsis, no details.

  3. Many shows have the wrong posters, even when the rest of the metadata are correct.

  4. Other shows have posters in the wrong language. (Yes my ATV is in english, and the language options in Infuse, too.)

  5. Per-season covers have vanished. For example, The Big Bang Theory had a specific cover for each season. Now one for everything.

I am definitely NOT blaming you, I am just reporting the issues caused by theTVDb.

On a sidenote: Can we please have an option to search for other covers/posters for the main folder AND the subfolders/seasons? Other apps search in sites such as theposterdb,, cinematerial, etc.

We’re getting a few lingering reports of issues with missing artwork in some case. It seems this is related to some of TheTVDb’s CDN caches which may still need to update.

I’d give it a few hours (or maybe a day) and try refreshing the affected series, and hopefully everything will appear normally.

Is Infuse going to be using TVDB’s new API or is it already using their new API? (Not sure if their API is versioned or not)

How does one refresh a series? Do you just re-select its match when choosing to edit metadata? I have a bunch of Russian-language posters for English shows.


  1. Select an episode from a series
  2. Tap Edit
  3. Select the correct series name

Note: It looks like they are still working to get the artwork fix pushed out today, so it may not be live yet.

The new API is backwards compatible with the older APIs…at least for now.

We’ll likely be moving to the new API at some point.

Do you know what’s the benefit of their new API?

We haven’t had a chance to dig into it yet, but I’m sure it’s more modern, future proof, and easier to maintain…all good things.

As of now, all the APIs are accessing the same data, so there won’t be much of a difference to the average user.


Also a new subscriber. Just want to tell i have also the exact same issue as described here.

The current state is that finally the English language is respected for the posters.
BUT we still have the generic poster for all seasons.
This is hard to be seen as a CDN/cashing issue, as the posters for the seasons are separate altogether. Probably this issue needs to be looked at?
It’s ok for a series with 1-2 seasons, but for 25+ the separate posters are a big deal

Can you provide an example or two of a series you are seeing this with?

Same problem here with nearly all series.

-The Last Ship
-Game of Thrones

for example.

Sure, here are pics, but that is for ALL series. I don’t have a single one with separate posters per season like they used to be before the tvdb issue

Edit: I have no idea why the pics are upside down. They are ok on my laptop.

Same problem with TV Series season like Saint Seiya, also for The Mandalorian the poster is in Russian.

The Mandalorian russian poster is fixed for me. You may want to update it, as it seems the TVDB cache for that movie has cleared.

Ok, I’ve found the problem, for the metadata Italian the problem is still there (Russian poster), if I choose English metadata it’s ok