Stereo speech booster

Problem I have with any streaming program is that there is no way to boost stereo volume. here is an example of my setup and my problem:

  • 5.1 films have speech in the centre speaker.

  • my TV only has 2.0 stereo setup.

  • any player I try will mux sound from speakers that doesn’t exist into the stereo speakers.

  • that means ambient are really loud (2x intended sound), people’s talking are very quiet compared to ambient music.


does aTV flash have ability to mute rear channels, and boost centre channel (eg. when source is 5.1) for a good stereo movie viewing experience?



Big improvements for 5.1 --> 2ch downmixing are coming soon.

This will also include an option for boosting the center channel volume as well.


Oh, that would be great! I’m watching my ATV2 via stereo Harman Kardon 3490 and quiet stereo sound in movies is annoying. Add me please to the ‘can’twaitlist’! :) 


When the next version is going to be released?

Hi! Does new 1.3 version include these improvements? 

Unfortunately this wasn’t ready for 1.3, but the next version will have quite a few audio related improvements.

Stay tuned.  :wink: