Stereo PCM issue

Apple TV 4k 2nd gen - samsung s90c - sonos arc

Issue: If i stream the news(CNN or FOX) sonos arc gives me stereo PCM(which is correct). If i then go to infuse and start watching (DTS-HD MA 7.1), arc gives stereo PCM(which is incorrect). However, if I then go into infuse and start watching a TrueHD movie 7.1, arc will give me multichannel 5.1 PCM(which is correct). Now heres the kicker, when I go back to the DTS-HD MA 7.1 it gives me the correct multichannel 5.1 PCM.

All other sources seem to give me the correct audio off the bat, except DTS-HD. The aforementioned requires that I switch to a 5.1 source and jump back to get 5.1…

what the heck is going on, settings as follow

Apple TV

  • Format: 4K SDR
  • HDMI Output: YCbCr
  • Chroma: 4:4:4
  • ⁠Match Content: Range & Frame Rate


  • Passthrough
  • EARC → auto
  • input signal plus all HDMI ports

I purchased a fury arcana to bypass the TV pass through, it fixed my issue. Very sad samsung. Any way, even with the 300 bucks extra for the hdfury, I’m happy with the exit price i paid(TV + little black box)


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