Steaming DVD from PC to Apple TV

I have been reading the forum and could’nt find an answer on my question, so I post it here.
If I use the Atv flash software on my Apple Tv it will be able to play DVD files (video_TS.IFO, VTS_01.1.VOB)
I am a windows user and I would like to stream the DVD’s on my hard drive to my Apple Tv. How do I do this?
Itunes won’t recognize these files. Neither does quicktime. Or do I need to get quicktime PRO?

Or do I need to disconnect the external harddrive and connect it to the Aplle Tv USB port? Is this the only way?

You can stream DVD’s. You will need to enable this feature though.

Take a look at:

Thank you for the link.
But I still do not understand. What does SMB mean?
So you use Nito Tv on your Atv to play the DVD files which are located on your PC?
So you give Nito Tv access to the harddrive on your PC?
Or am I completely wrong?
Could you explain it to me, because I am very interested in getting the software, and this is what I want to be able to do with my Apple tv. Play original DVD video files located on my PC using Apple Tv and watch them in the living room. So no more burning of DVD’s.

Yes, SMB is a protocol for streaming media to the Apple TV. Streaming media is supported through the nitoTV plugin via AFP and SMB. AFP requires an original Apple TV that came with the 1.0 software. SMB can be used on all Apple TVs.