Status on my installation as of this morning :-)

  • Have the greenpoison RC6 JB (untethered) in place and working. (the seasonPass beta for windows just doesn't work for me...)
  • After installing ATVFlash beta 3 from windows(i.e. doubleclicking the exe) , 3 times i now have the maintenance menu.
  • Have xbmc working.
  • have overflow working
  • Have working
  • Have original iTunes content working.
  • Webbrowsing result in my ATV having to be rejailbroken and reinstalled...
  • No Photos will show on fullscreen (regular jpgs from my server) but they show up fie as thumbnails.
  • Selecting "Settings" from my overflow menu causes a reboot of the UI.
  • Have no clue if ssh works since I have not tried - and wont try if I can help it :-)

I am on a win7 32 bit installation and am not using wifi to connect to my ATV, since my switch is right next to the little bugger:-)

All in all I am happy - except for not getting my video_ts folders to work - they just dont do anything, even though the movies within correctly show up in the database with thumbs and descriptions and previews... Any ideas would be welcome :-)

Keep up the hard work :-)