Status bar is persistently visible on 2018 12.9” iPad Pro

Hello, I’m sure you guys would have this covered as part of 5.9, but just bringing it up in case you haven’t. It seems like the status bar doesn’t fade away when playback starts on the new 12.9” iPad Pros.

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I just thought I would also come here to confirm that this happens on my iPad Pro 12.9 inch too. Fingers crossed it is fixed in the next update as I love this app!!!

same for me with the persistent status bar. cant get rid of it for some reason!! hope this gets resolved quickly. Thanks!

The upcoming 5.9 version will be optimized for the new iPads.

If you’d like to try this build early and check to see it resolves your issue let me know and I can get you setup with TestFlight.

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Hi James I would definitely like to try 5.9 via TestFlight if possible. Please let me know what i would need to do! Thanks!

Beta invites sent. Thanks!

I can confirm that Beta 5.9 fixes this issue!!! Thanks James

Great! :smiley:

It is possible to also get an invite to the beta. I have the same issue with the status bar.

Thanks James! 5.9 beta fixed it for me as well ?

5.9 is now available on the App Store. :slight_smile:

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