Statically restrict Infuse to specific content in Plex

I know support for Plex managed accounts have been requested many times already, but it does not look like it will happen. I’m not here to moan about it, I would like some constructive suggestions on how to restrict access to specific content only in plex from an Infuse app. I don’t need to switch users, the app runs on a device that is only used by kids.

Any ideas?

You can try this:

  • In Plex: create a plex account for your kids (doesn’t need to be premium), add the account to your Plex server and share with that user a “kids” library (apply restrictions here)
  • In Infuse: on your kids’ device uncheck iCloud and trakt sync (so any change you make to the shares are not reflected to your main devices). Delete all preexisting share and add Plex server logging in with the newly created user credentials.

I am using this method so family members can use infuse independently from one another on their own device. I don’t use it to filter content but I see no reason it couldn’t work.
Only downside is only the main user can benefit from sync between multiple devices, not a problem for you here.

That sounds good.

I have a plex pass, but if the “Kids Plex account” is a free account, will Infuse be able to download media offline? I forgot to mention I need this, sorry.

As far as I know only the Plex server holder needs to have a premium subscription for the users to have the added benefits.
However, I have not tested the download function without premium myself (I don’t think other members of my family who are not premium use the offline feature) so I could be wrong. You are better off testing it yourself

Seems they changed it: any free account created after July 2022 cannot download anymore, even when downloading from the server of a premium user…

Ah that’s too bad. Maybe try creating a managed account ? Since it’s technically not an independent plex user the download part may work. I am not sure if you’d be able to sign in as the managed user while setting up the share infuse though.

Unfortunately managed users don’t have an own plex login/password, you log in using the main account, then you are presented with a list of accounts, the “parent” account is protected via PIN and the managed accounts may or may not be protected by password.

That’s why it’s not simple for Infuse to implement this I think…

Please forgive my ignorance on Plex but have you tried using the Parental control functions in Infuse? I don’t know right off if they work with content from Plex but it may be a possibility.


Hmm then I am afraid I am out of ideas for you use-case

If you’re willing to have your kids not using plex as a backend you could point their infuse instance directly to your storage, using infuse as a stand-alone:

  • Create a kids folder on the storage side.
  • Create subfolders (movies, tvs etc).
  • Move the media you want them to have access to in this folder (infuse doesn’t support symlinks yet).
  • Add those subdirectories to your plex librairies so the media still show up in your plex instance
  • Point your kids infuse to the kids folder using smb, webdav or whatever else you want.

That coupled with my first post could get you close to what you wanted

I just tried it, the parental control does work with plex content ! And it’s nowhere near as convoluted as what I was suggesting ah ah.

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Thanks for the feedback, could you elaborate on what you did? I’m not following…

In Infuse settings/preferences, there is a parental control section.

You can restrict media based on ratings. If you select “ask for a pin at each play” (might not be the exact wording, my settings are not in English) then it would prevent your kids from viewing media you don’t want them to.

However, it’s a filter based on ratings you can’t go more granular than that.

This way you can add a plex share using the main premium plex account, enabling download, and restrict access to certain types of media

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yay, I found an old free account I created long ago to play around with sharing =)

In Plex I can provide access based on a “kids” tag, which I can apply on a per-media basis, and this is all that in visible in Infuse then.


Great !

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