Static sound while watching movies using media player

Hi all,

Everytime I play a movie in the Firecore media player I get this horrible static sound throughout the entire movie.

At first I thought it was the video file but it occurs on all movie files.


All these same video files play audio perfectly fine in other apps.


Any ideas?



If your Apple TV is connected to a TV (not an AV receiver) you may try disabling the AC3 and DTS audio options found in the Media --> Settings --> Playback menu.

James, you are brilliant. I turned off both the AC3 and the DTS options and the static sound (think having you ear next to an old film movie projector) disappeared. Thanks so much.

But … I have now turned both back on and no more static sound! Weird. I did not restart the atv or anything. I just changed the settings back to on and no more static sound. Life is a curious thing. :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

[Update] I did the above using an episode of Gilligan’s Island. When trying to play a movie (The sixth day) the static sound was back again. Turning off the AC3 option but leaving the DTS option to Enabled fixes the issue.

I have the digital audio output of my Apple TV connected to my AV receiver and the problem does NOT occur with both AC3 and DTS set to Enabled. So it seems to be the output from the HDMI cable. Is this likely to be fixed in a future update? Or is this a limitation of the HDMI connection or TV?

Thanks once again.