Static noise when playing movie (DTS)

I searched for an answer, and even submitted my issue at the original thread, but didn’t seem to get any assistance, therefore i’m asking here instead. Dolby/DTS Passthrough

Many users experience a constant static noise when enabling the DTS function, for me it’s a bit different.Whenever I pause and then press the play button, a loud static noise which lasts for half a second occurs. This happens every time. Any assistance with this?

Television: Blaupunkt 40/122i-gb-5b-fhbku
Receiver: Phillips HTS9520/98 Home Theater System

The Apple TV 4 is connected to the television via HDMI, and the television is connected to the receiver via an AUX stick, which runs from the receiver.

4.1 will include many audio related improvements, including a fix for this.

Ah great, looking forward to it. Many thanks for the reply